Game Recommendation – Thunderdogs

Hey guys,

We at SkyCanvas have been playing a new release by the name of Thunderdogs by Lucky Kat Studios.
Thunderdogs is a top-down shooter with a gorgeous art style, the charming illustrations of aviation dogs are a personal favourite of mine. The controls are straight forward and allow you to jump right into the online PvP arena.

Check out the trailer and enjoy the awesome music!

There are tons of awesome planes to try out and collect, there is a specific plane we deemed as the most OP by the name of Spark. Spark was a hard reference to Spike Spiegel from cowboy bebop. The in-game ship was exactly the same as Spikes SwordFish2 straight from the anime!

When I finallyyyy got spikes rare ship from the gacha-system, I set a strong personal record as top dog. I wrote a strategy post in the in-game community forum, This forum was really sweet and something I hope we can plug into our games at SkyCanvas in the future.

I encourage you readers to try Thunderdogs, its available on both Play Store & Apple Store. Let me know if my tips were helpful and see if you can beat my score as top dawg!

Check out my “How to get kills as top dawg” strategy post.

Thanks for reading, happy gaming!

– Prudhvi

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