Inspired by the mechanics of Tomb of the Mask

Hey everyone,

For this entry I will be blogging about a mobile game called Tomb of the Mask by developers Happy Magenta. I was initially introduced to the game casually by josh, it was a great and I started really getting into it. My first impression was, whoa these swipe mechanics are really quick. I started to observe and hypothesis on how they got their swipe input to be so damn responsive. As some of you might know, our game Slash Dash Samurai weighs heavily on swiping input. I felt there was a lot we could learn from Tomb of the Mask.

Here is a gameplay video of Tomb of the Mask by someone who is way better than me. Note that any one vertical or horizontal movement of the player is triggered by the swipe of thumb.

Here are some of the initial considerations and their projected pro’s and con’s. Each method is an evolution of the last and meant to solve the biggest challenges of it’s former.

To feel responsive, it is critical to be able to fire the slash within a short distance with no noticeable delay. For our game and playstyle, intermediate players will have to pair multiple swipes back to back with a high degree accuracy and precision. So, it is really important to have a solid algorithm in which users can reply on without fail.
Excited to see how these methods can be applied into our game. I recommend playing Tomb of the mask for those who enjoy challenging mobile games.

Thanks for reading!
– Prudhvi

Update – I ran into another title called Fist of Fury by Happy Magenta, this game was likely the predecessor to Tomb of the mask as its sole mechanic is the quick swipe mechanic.


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