About Us

We’re SkyCanvas games, a Toronto based independent Game Studio that’s making games with unique concepts focused around interesting gameplay elements.

Our goal is to let players experience new and interesting ways to play games as well as to challenge traditional concepts in the world of games.

Our Team

Kelvin Ip


Producer / 3D Artist

Games are a limitless medium which can immerse the audience in ways no other form of entertainment can.

As a child I spent most of my time sucked into the worlds created by game designers and artists. Being on the other side of that now I want to create experiences that people can really enjoy and get lost in, just as i did.

Joshua Liew


3D Animator / Game Designer

Video games allow you to achieve what you never possibly could; allow you to cope with that you never thought you could.

It’s an art that has always been a part of me, and now I work everyday to be a part of it.

Prudhvi Penumetcha



The most enticing thing about programming is that between a blinking cursor and captivating a global audience is all but programming knowledge.

Si Da Chen


Creating a video game is like creating a new world, where I get to make the rules. It’s fascinating.

Montgomery Alban


Games are an expression of my ego. They allow me to pursue my interests and reflect them upon a new world. This may sound lofty but I think it is important to be able to take pride in your creations.

Thomas Lam


Having my music be apart of a bigger experience is amazing. Games take so many different crafts to make an experience that’s bigger than the sum of its individual parts.