SkyCanvas Games awarded $3,000 of Firefly funding!!

As participants of the UOIT Brilliant incubator we were fortunate to have the opportunity to apply for the Firefly funding grant to help reach our Start-up goals. We worked hard and bootstrapped on how we could stretch funding to grow our business and ensure the long-term stability of our studio.

We are absolutely elated to be granted the maximum firefly funding amount of $3,000 dollars! 🙂
Here are the major expenditures for our firefly grant and the goals they help reach,

  • Marketing muscle for Slash Dash Samurai on Google Play store and Apple store
  • Improving production quality of Slash Dash Samurai (Better software tools)
  • Conducting validation research on our advertisement pricing mode
  • Pursuing future funding, grants and investor opportunities
  • Incorporate SkyCanvas Games
  • Support for minimal operating upkeep

We are so thankful for the Brilliant organizers and Firefly fund donors for this grant. This will kick start and advance us greatly in our early development and initial trails. Donor-supported awards like this are very important to students and young entrepreneurs like us in support and attain our educational and career goals. With a core team of 5 game development graduates from UOIT working at SkyCanvas games, every dollar will be fully contributed in making a difference.

Thanks for reading,
Prudhvi Penumetcha  

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